Vehicle insurance

Vehicle insurance

Vehicle insurance What is Traffic Insurance?
Compulsory Traffic Insurance is an insurance product that is obliged by the state to be made to all motor vehicle owners and guarantees you for damages you may cause to other vehicles or third parties as a result of an accident.

What is the Difference Between Compulsory Traffic Insurance and Motor Insurance?
Traffic insurance and automobile insurance are two separate products that cover completely different risks. While traffic insurance covers the damage of the other party in the event of an accident, the automobile insurance covers your damage. It is compulsory to take out traffic insurance, while automobile insurance is optional.

What are the coverages of traffic insurance?
Material Damage Per Vehicle and Accident Coverage: This coverage guarantees the financial damages you give to the other party. If more than one vehicle is damaged in an accident you are at fault, the incident coverage is activated.

Health Expenses Per Person and Per Accident Coverage: This coverage covers the bodily damages you give to the other party. Since the number of people in the vehicle is taken as a basis, the coverage varies according to the vehicle type.

Injury and Death Coverage Per Person and Per Accident: If you cause the death of a person as a result of an accident; It provides moral compensation to the survivors of the deceased with the burial costs of the deceased. Injury coverage covers the damages that occur as a result of the other party becoming partially or completely inoperable as a result of an accident.

Is no-claim discount applied in Compulsory Traffic Insurance policy?
If there is no damage within the 1-year policy period, you will start receiving a no-claim discount starting with 10% on your traffic insurance. If you do not have any damage at the end of each policy period, this discount continues to increase by 5% and you can earn a no-claim discount up to the highest level of 20%.

Fines waiting for the drivers who do not have the Compulsory Traffic Insurance;

Drivers who do not have the specified traffic insurance are faced with penal sanctions.
Vehicle owners who do not take out their traffic insurance on time, the traffic insurance level remains stable even if they do not have an accident and lose the chance of a discount in their policy.
If the policy is not made or renewed, a 5% delay penalty is applied for each month of delay.
If a vehicle without insurance is detected by the traffic teams, the vehicle is taken to the parking lot with the help of a tow truck and the vehicle is kept in the parking lot until the vehicle owner has the traffic insurance.
In this case, the vehicle owner is obliged to pay both the towing fee and the parking fee for the day the vehicle is left in the parking lot.